Category: crafty

Custom Gift Bows / 11.10.11

How to make gift bows out of maps, old magazines, random scraps of paper etc….

Mr. Button / 11.2.11


Softiemaker / 11.2.11

One of the most awesome things I’ve seen all year. This lady makes plushy toys based on your kids’ drawings.

Grain Creative Tea / 07.20.11

cute and clever tea packaging!

White Papers Press / 05.31.11

Amazing papercraft by Sara Burgess

Bubble Chandelier / 04.14.11

chandelier made of 2 litre soda bottles

Crossword Wrapping Paper / 03.14.11

Can be used for multiple occasions – just circle the holiday for your gift. Clever!

Trail / 03.2.11

Gorgeous popup book by David Pelham.

One Red Dot / 03.2.11

While the future of reading may belong to ereaders, the future of books belongs to popups!

Fibonacci Scarf / 03.2.11

Scarf knitted with the fibonacci number pattern by Diana Eng

The Icebook / 02.22.11

A magical miniature theatre performance projected behind a pop-up-book stage set.

Doily Lamp / 02.16.11

Lamp made of vintage doilies by Shannon South.

Thing-O-Matic / 02.7.11

A desktop 3d printer. If this thing really works as advertised, I want one!

3 Eyed Bear / 01.17.11

Website dedicated to paper toys with lots of downloadable PDFs!

Make A Snowflake / 12.27.10

paper snowflake maker that creates a PDF for you to make a 3d snowflake based on your name (by Karsten Schmidt for TBWA).

Richard Sweeney / 12.27.10

Richard Sweeney makes beautiful paper sculptures.

Globe Chandelier / 12.22.10

a chandelier made of 15 globes by Benoit Vieubled

A tree without a tree! / 12.21.10

No need to kill a tree for xmas.

Aurora Robson / 12.17.10

look what you can make with plastic bottles

Grow Little Terrariums / 12.17.10

miniature indoor gardens!

Styrofoam Sculpture / 12.17.10

Sculptural pieces made of recycled styrofoam packaging by Jason Rogenes

Bike Shelf / 09.27.10

Reusable Sandwich Bags / 09.10.10

Forgo wasteful ziplocs! A neat idea.

DIY woven lamps / 09.10.10

How to make woven lamps out of strips of wood veneer. (not that I have time to do this kind of stuff…)