Category: crafty

spirit candles / 09.26.08

candles that reveal tiny bronze figures hidden in the wax as they burn.

Flower Girls / 09.26.08

adorable collection of flower girls. makes me wish i had a garden. also makes me want to raid my neighbor’s garden

Heath Nash Lampshade / 09.24.08

Heath Nash makes lampshades from scrap plastic bottles.

Cluster of lamps / 09.24.08

how to make a big spherical lamp out of Ikea lampan lamps (which are $4.99 each)

VW Scooter / 09.24.08

So awesome. I wish I knew who made this.

Paper Forest / 09.24.08

A blog about papercraft, toys, etc

eyeball caprese / 09.24.08

yummers. eyeball caprese.

nerdbots / 09.24.08

cute robots made of found objects. available for purchase.

Creatures From A Square / 09.23.08

Beautiful illustrated origami. Ekaterina Erschowa’s thesis project

origami chandeliers / 09.23.08

designed by Takayuki Senzaki, this origami chandelier casts shadows of birds on the wall

Gloo Peeps / 09.23.08

customizable paper boy and girl readymech-like dolls.

Readymech / 09.23.08

paper toys to print on 8.5×11 sheets, cut, fold, and build. cute! and free!

David Hasselhoff Paper Doll / 09.12.08

make your own david hasselhoff paper doll