Category: cute

Mr. Button / 11.2.11


Softiemaker / 11.2.11

One of the most awesome things I’ve seen all year. This lady makes plushy toys based on your kids’ drawings.

Grain Creative Tea / 07.20.11

cute and clever tea packaging!

Musimals / 12.22.10

whimsical illustrations of musical animals by Christopher Lee

The Sheep Market / 09.10.10

10,000 sheep drawn by Amazon’s Mechanical Turks for 2 cents each (lots of cute ones)

wookies / 09.10.10

Cute illustrations by James Hance (Star wars characters drawn in the style of winnie the pooh)

Zoo Lunchies / 04.8.10

insulated lunch bags

stair critters / 04.5.10

at a cafe / art space in fukuoka, japan

Zooborns / 02.17.10

Zoos generally make me unhappy but this blog about zoo-born animals is ridiculously cute. can’t resist.

Denne’s Aliens / 02.2.10

adorable hand drawn font by Denise Bentulan. you can download it for free!

Tea Sub / 01.26.10

The Beatles would approve! Would make a nice gift for a tea drinking friend.

Perros y Perritos / 10.21.09

Type a phrase and see it spelled out by these cute pups!

Funky Lunch Sandwiches / 08.17.09

Too cute to eat

My Milk Toof / 06.17.09

a photo-comic about the grand misadventures of two milk teef. cute!

Cute Bento Boxes / 12.3.08

This woman makes the CUTEST bento boxes. CUTE CUTE CUTE

Yoda Backpack / 11.20.08

a Yoda backpack! (dunno why I think this is so awesome. i’m sure some poor kid is being forced by his dad to wear it)

Cat Riding A Roomba / 11.18.08

video of a cat riding a roomba.

Monkey Guard Dog / 11.10.08

This monkey has his own guard dog to protect him from bully alpha monkeys at a zoo in China.

Hang On Night Light / 10.22.08

Looks like he needs a hand.

Eugene & Louise Bakery / 10.16.08

Can you believe this thing is edible?

Cats Flushing Toilets / 10.14.08

Cats flushing toilets. So smart those kitty kats

Monkeys on Ice / 09.30.08

Video of ice skating monkeys. These guys deserve a medal!

Flower Girls / 09.26.08

adorable collection of flower girls. makes me wish i had a garden. also makes me want to raid my neighbor’s garden

nerdbots / 09.24.08

cute robots made of found objects. available for purchase.