Category: design

Balloons of Bhutan / 11.2.11

Jonathan Harris interviewed 117 people in Bhutan about happiness and created this lovely project

More/Real Stylus Cap / 02.16.11

Kickstarter project to make iPhone / iPad stylus caps that fit over sharpie, bic, and pilot fineliner pens. Neat idea!

Alphabeasties / 01.14.11

Cute book of typographic animals. More pics of the book over here.

Bicycle Typogram / 01.13.11

There’s also a free PDF here so you can print a large copy for yourself!

Noun Project / 01.11.11

Collection of graphic symbols that form the world’s visual language.

D’Espresso / 10.21.10

Coffee shop in NY that looks like a library flipped on its side

The Wilderness Downtown / 08.31.10

Kind of creepy but also totally awesome. Requires Chrome or Safari

Click For Art / 08.2.10

Limited edition prints and housewares.

Fontstaches / 07.30.10


Time Spent Alone / 07.29.10

“Thoughts and explorations conceived in isolation.” a project by David Wicks.

SmartHistory / 07.29.10

an open, not-for-profit, digital art history textbook

Intl Quilt Study Center / 07.29.10


Lamp & Plant Container / 07.29.10

A lamp that allows photosynthesis to happen in your living room at night.

Fathom / 07.29.10

New company and projects by Ben Fry, Teri Schindler, Chris Brown, and Lynn Kiang

TDF Standings / 07.29.10

visualized by Jerome Daksiewicz

The Daily Dish / 04.5.10

catalog of 365 petri dishes painted by Klari Reis

clever billboard / 04.5.10

a clever billboard that only works in the daytime

Simon Page / 03.2.10

geometrically inspired prints by Simon Page

Come Rain Come Shine / 02.17.10

chandelier by Tord Boontje.

The Ride / 01.29.10

Beautifully designed journal dedicated to all-things-bike. Inspiring stories, illustrations and photography.

Tea Sub / 01.26.10

The Beatles would approve! Would make a nice gift for a tea drinking friend.

Subterranean Home / 12.19.09

home carved into a hillside in the Swiss town of Vals. by SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects.

odosketch / 10.21.09

Neat online sketching tool

Daily Drop Cap / 10.21.09

a new drop cap every day by illustrator Jessica Hische