Category: design

Perros y Perritos / 10.21.09

Type a phrase and see it spelled out by these cute pups!

Deadline / 07.29.09

Mesmerizing stop motion video done with Post-It notes

Paper Pot / 07.22.09

A toilet tissue case. Comes in multiple colors.

GigPosters / 07.6.09

Archive of modern music posters

Watch Your Weight While You Wait / 05.19.09

A bus stop shelter that tells you how much you weigh when you sit on the bench. brilliant!

We Are Hunted / 04.26.09

99 most popular songs online. Aggregates info from social networks, forums, music blogs, Torrents, P2P Networks and Twitter

Pretty Pepsi Cans / 04.8.09

Not a fan of soda but these pretty cans would tempt me to drink one.

MAYUHANA Lamp / 03.24.09

By Toyo Ito, made with a fiberglass resin yarn.

Tress Lamp / 03.19.09

woven lamps designed by Marc Sadler

Periodic Table of Typefaces / 03.11.09

100 popular typefaces

Napkins For Scribbling On / 03.11.09

Part of the School of Visual Arts “Think” Campaign.


GULNUR OZDAGLAR makes beautiful jewelry and other things out of used PET bottles. You can get some of them on etsy.

Ambush / 02.25.09

Wallpaper / mural by Eno Henze

IScreen / 02.23.09

Modular laser cut plywood and masonite screen by Li-Rong Liao

Curly Lamps / 02.9.09

lamps by Dima Loginoff.

Voice Drawing App / 01.29.09

an app that lets you create drawings with your voice. low volume curves counterclockwise, medium volume is straight, high volume curves clockwise

Mates of State / 01.14.09

Nice gig poster for Mates of State.

Billboards / 01.11.09

Some clever billboards. this one’s my favorite.

Things I Have Learned… / 12.30.08

My favorite book this year – Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far, by Stephen Sagmeister

Double Duty Pool Table / 12.29.08

Sleek dining table that converts into a pool table.

Bubble Prints / 12.19.08

Bubble prints formed by ink + soapy water left to dry on paper

Lemi the Yeti / 12.16.08

Lemi the Space Wanderer x Yeti – a paper toy to cut and paste. makes a cute xmas ornament!

Pixlr / 12.15.08

A nice online image editor – like photoshop in a web browser

Water Lily Lamp / 12.11.08

Lamp by Erika Lövqvist