Category: design

Yuichi Higashionna Sculpture / 12.11.08

Yuichi Higashionna’s flourescent light sculpture

Gluttony Lamp / 12.4.08

Gluttony Lamp – made of plastic spoons, forks, and knives.

Field of Light / 11.21.08

a beautiful installation by lighting designer Bruce Munro

Soda Popinski / 11.18.08

“The Sea Floor Sea Urchin Dance Troupe dance to Javelin’s “Soda Popinski.” Directed & animated by Ian McAlpin.”

Design Your Own Lamp / 11.11.08

Lamp that lets you slip artwork / photos between a double shade.

Yuken Teruya / 11.10.08

Yuken Teruya makes pretty things out of everyday objects (toilet paper rolls, shopping bags, newspapers, etc)

Obama Sticker by Shepard Fairy / 11.7.08

Free sticker by Shepard Fairy at

Kamik Daisy Rain Boots / 11.7.08

Just got these rain boots. Comfy! $28.75.

Sumopaint / 10.28.08

Image editing tool created w/ Flash. Like photoshop in your browser.

A Sweetpea Bike / 10.27.08

Look at the welds on this booootiful bike! Comes with 26″ wheels. If I make it in the top 10 by the end of cross season, this’ll be my reward :)

Designers for Obama / 10.24.08

50 Obama poster designs

Hang On Night Light / 10.22.08

Looks like he needs a hand.

Refill Seven / 10.22.08

Beautiful laser etched skateboard designs

Beyond Flash / 10.10.08

Addendum to a talk by Jonathan Harris (who created We Feel Fine, my very very favorite online project)

Good Sheets / 10.6.08

Series of graphics that explain things like immigration, your carbon footprint, where $ spent on gas goes, etc

960 Grid System / 10.3.08

Useful. Provides commonly used dimensions for web design / prototyping

Garland Light / 09.27.08

Garland light by Tord Boontje

Cordarounds / 09.27.08

Pants that have a reflective lining you can see when rolled up. Only for guys. Boo. I’m gonna make my own.

357 Magnum Hair Dryer / 09.25.08

a pistol shaped hair dryer. who comes up with stuff like this?

cycloc / 09.25.08

ingenius wall mounted bike hanger / storage thingy. i need one! actually i need a couple (okay, more than a couple)

Radiolaria Necklace / 09.24.08

necklace designed by nervous system. you can get an imperfect one on etsy for $20 (instead of $75).

Tide Chandelier / 09.24.08

chandelier made of plastic debris washed up on the Kent coastline. by stuart haygarth

Baseball Cuffs / 09.24.08

bracelet / cuffs made of genuine leather baseballs! $25

sha-do light / 09.24.08

sha do lamp

Lamps that cast lovely shadows across your wall or ceiling.