Category: design

Heath Nash Lampshade / 09.24.08

Heath Nash makes lampshades from scrap plastic bottles.

VW Scooter / 09.24.08

So awesome. I wish I knew who made this.

Life Clock / 09.24.08

Clock that shows how many years you have left if you only make it to 84. hoping to make it to 100.

Honeycomb Lamp / 09.24.08

Honeycomb lamp made of silk worm cocoon.

Id Sketching / 09.24.08

resource for industrial design sketching (videos, community forum, etc)

origami chandeliers / 09.23.08

designed by Takayuki Senzaki, this origami chandelier casts shadows of birds on the wall

algae pendant / 09.23.08

algae pendant designed by nervous systems

bento boxes / 09.23.08

ridiculously cute bento boxes

Laserdeck / 09.23.08

laser-etched skateboard decks

Gallery of Favicons / 09.23.08

Amazing what people can do in 16×16 pixels

Colorjack / 09.23.08

Color palette tool

blik / 09.23.08

vinyl wall graphics

molly m designs / 09.23.08

Laser cut jewelry made of balsa wood and felt by molly m

many eyes / 09.23.08

info viz resource

danish sleeper sofa / 09.23.08

elegant sleeper sofa from 1968

Leaf Chapel / 09.1.08

On the grounds of the Risonare hotel in Kobuchizawa. Designed by Klein Dytham.