Category: gifts

All About Papercutting / 02.25.09

A blog dedicated to the art of papercutting

Twig Serving Platter / 12.30.08

How to make a serving platter out of two dishes and a twig

Lemi the Yeti / 12.16.08

Lemi the Space Wanderer x Yeti – a paper toy to cut and paste. makes a cute xmas ornament!

Eric Natzke / 12.15.08

Eric Natzke makes beautiful digital pieces w/ flash and code.

Front Page Poster / 12.11.08

Poster of the covers of major newspapers from around the world chronicling Obama’s win. 24″x36″ $20

Yoda Backpack / 11.20.08

a Yoda backpack! (dunno why I think this is so awesome. i’m sure some poor kid is being forced by his dad to wear it)

Design Your Own Lamp / 11.11.08

Lamp that lets you slip artwork / photos between a double shade.

Robots and Monsters / 10.5.08

A place to get your own custom drawn monster or robot. Proceeds benefit EFF

spirit candles / 09.26.08

candles that reveal tiny bronze figures hidden in the wax as they burn.

Radiolaria Necklace / 09.24.08

necklace designed by nervous system. you can get an imperfect one on etsy for $20 (instead of $75).

Baseball Cuffs / 09.24.08

bracelet / cuffs made of genuine leather baseballs! $25

Honeycomb Lamp / 09.24.08

Honeycomb lamp made of silk worm cocoon.

Yearbook Yourself / 09.24.08

Find out what you’d look like with a beehive, mullet or any number of horrendous hairstyles from the 60s-90s

nerdbots / 09.24.08

cute robots made of found objects. available for purchase.

monKEYS / 09.23.08

cute monkey key covers. $4.99 for 6.

algae pendant / 09.23.08

algae pendant designed by nervous systems

Laserdeck / 09.23.08

laser-etched skateboard decks

apricot tea / 09.23.08

Apricot tea from adagio – this is my very favorite tea!

blik / 09.23.08

vinyl wall graphics

molly m designs / 09.23.08

Laser cut jewelry made of balsa wood and felt by molly m