Category: heehee

epitaph / 12.27.10

the angst, it does not go away

All My Friends Are Dead / 08.4.10

I love this book. You can read part of it on their site.

Worst Job / 04.10.10

Yep, that would be the worst job. (by Marc Johns)

165 Bots With Stuff / 04.10.10

Babies With Laser Eyes / 02.19.10

This is why the internet is awesome

Pure happiness / 07.31.09

dang, i wish i was invited to this party

Don and Donita / 07.29.09

one of my favorite kasperhauser sketches

Juan Enriquez @ TED 2009 / 03.4.09

funny, fascinating, and scary. worth watching.

Pepsi Bellyache / 02.23.09

Clever take on the Pepsi logo by Lawrence Yang.

yay cookies! / 01.2.09

yay cookies!

Walking Bike / 12.4.08

This thing is supposedly rideable

Santa’s Inbox / 12.3.08

Santa’s inbox. The easter bunny is married!

Bike Sticker / 11.25.08

this only applies if you’re a mtn biker

Bacon Decision Diagram / 10.15.08

Someone thought an awful lot about bacon.

Cats Flushing Toilets / 10.14.08

Cats flushing toilets. So smart those kitty kats

cell phone booth / 09.24.08

talk in a semi-private environment without annoying everyone around you :)

important life lesson / 09.24.08

important life lesson

eyeball caprese / 09.24.08

yummers. eyeball caprese.

Yearbook Yourself / 09.24.08

Find out what you’d look like with a beehive, mullet or any number of horrendous hairstyles from the 60s-90s

Creatures From A Square / 09.23.08

Beautiful illustrated origami. Ekaterina Erschowa’s thesis project

Big Ass Pinata / 09.23.08

this could be a hit at a bachelor party.

it not been ALL day / 09.23.08

i know how this kitty kat feels. sigh

24hr Fitness Fail / 09.23.08

24hr Fitness Fail

David Hasselhoff Paper Doll / 09.12.08

make your own david hasselhoff paper doll