Category: illustration

Birds In Uniform / 11.5.11

Meanwhile, The San Francisco Library / 05.19.11

illustrations done at the San Francisco Public Library by Wendy Macnaughton

Don’t Eat The Paintings / 02.16.11

A food / sketch blog – recipes illustrated with beautiful watercolor paintings

3 Eyed Bear / 01.17.11

Website dedicated to paper toys with lots of downloadable PDFs!

Nothing Is Forgotten / 01.13.11

A sweet wordless short story.

Nate Wragg’s Tribute to Ed Emberly / 01.7.11

How to draw a grizzly monster a la Ed Emberly

Floralcy / 01.7.11

Lots of lovely floral patterns here

Peekaboo Forest / 01.7.11

iphone / ipad game for kids featuring illustrations by Charley Harper

Charley Harper / 01.5.11

Just bought this book yesterday. beautiful and inspiring!

Musimals / 12.22.10

whimsical illustrations of musical animals by Christopher Lee

The Sheep Market / 09.10.10

10,000 sheep drawn by Amazon’s Mechanical Turks for 2 cents each (lots of cute ones)

wookies / 09.10.10

Cute illustrations by James Hance (Star wars characters drawn in the style of winnie the pooh)

All My Friends Are Dead / 08.4.10

I love this book. You can read part of it on their site.

Martin Sati / 07.30.10


The Anthology Project / 07.29.10

a collection of comix

Paper Foldables / 04.11.10

Papercraft toys by Bryan. Print. Cut. Fold. Tape

Too Many Zombies / 04.11.10

A zombie a day for one year. All drawn on an iPod Touch

Worst Job / 04.10.10

Yep, that would be the worst job. (by Marc Johns)

165 Bots With Stuff / 04.10.10

Denne’s Aliens / 02.2.10

adorable hand drawn font by Denise Bentulan. you can download it for free!

Missed Connections / 01.5.10

Lovely illustrations of missed connections on craigslist…

Apelad’s Twitter Avatars / 11.23.09

If you get tired of that ubiquitous blue bird…

Learn Something New / 11.11.09

lots of fascinating and equally useful facts on this site – Learn Something New Everyday

Beard Mask / 11.11.09

awesome. PDF of a mask you can print and cut out (also, photos of other fun student designed masks)