Category: illustration

odosketch / 10.21.09

Neat online sketching tool

Daily Drop Cap / 10.21.09

a new drop cap every day by illustrator Jessica Hische

Perros y Perritos / 10.21.09

Type a phrase and see it spelled out by these cute pups!

impossible love / 08.3.09

poor little balloon…she won’t know what hit her. maybe this shirt should say “it’s best to avoid the pricks in life.”

Can Do / 08.1.09

Maira Kalman’s lovely illustrated tribute to Benjamin Franklin. He’s my hero!

What to do with old tires / 07.22.09

Betsabee Romero carves old tires to make rolling rubber stamps.

Butterfly / 07.21.09

Look what can be done with some paper, an xacto knife and glue. By Hellen Musselwhite’s steady hands.

GigPosters / 07.6.09

Archive of modern music posters

Maggie Taylor / 02.24.09

Maggie Taylor makes surreal painterly images w/ found objects, photographs, and photoshop.

Pepsi Bellyache / 02.23.09

Clever take on the Pepsi logo by Lawrence Yang.

Grandma’s Graphics / 02.9.09

Collection of illustrations in the public domain

Marc Johns / 01.13.09

Marc Johns makes lovely and whimsical illustrations.

An Illustrated Life / 01.7.09

Beautiful and inspirational book edited by Danny Gregory

Hand Santas / 12.27.08

hand santas!

Mid Century Illustrations / 11.11.08

nice flickr set of mid-century illustrations

Obama Sticker by Shepard Fairy / 11.7.08

Free sticker by Shepard Fairy at

Kyuu The Robot / 10.7.08

Kyuu the robot, a papertoy you can print, cut, and fold. There’s also a template so you can design your own!

Robots and Monsters / 10.5.08

A place to get your own custom drawn monster or robot. Proceeds benefit EFF

cherry blossoms / 09.26.08

a beautiful tattoo

I scream / 09.25.08

Edward Munch rendered in ice cream! Found on flickr.

Balloon Animal Anatomy / 09.25.08

internal organs and skeletal system of a typical balloon animal, by Jason Freeny

Creatures From A Square / 09.23.08

Beautiful illustrated origami. Ekaterina Erschowa’s thesis project

Gloo Peeps / 09.23.08

customizable paper boy and girl readymech-like dolls.

Headrests / 09.23.08

Ads for NH hotels on the back of airline headrests. Clever.