Category: wearable

Mr. Button / 11.2.11


Fibonacci Scarf / 03.2.11

Scarf knitted with the fibonacci number pattern by Diana Eng

Batucada Jewelry / 12.17.10

bracelets and necklaces made of silicone rubber.

Glow in the dark clothes / 07.30.10

by Stella McCartney for Adidas. I like this idea for running and cycling at night! (not so much the leopard print).

Love Cuff / 02.26.10

made to order, on Etsy for $75.

Tetris Dress / 11.11.09

Not sure I could wear this without my fingers getting twitchy

Beard Mask / 11.11.09

awesome. PDF of a mask you can print and cut out (also, photos of other fun student designed masks)

Ring Poem / 06.1.09

Make your own custom stainless steel / bronze ring poem. $59

Kamik Daisy Rain Boots / 11.7.08

Just got these rain boots. Comfy! $28.75.

Cordarounds / 09.27.08

Pants that have a reflective lining you can see when rolled up. Only for guys. Boo. I’m gonna make my own.

cherry blossoms / 09.26.08

a beautiful tattoo

Radiolaria Necklace / 09.24.08

necklace designed by nervous system. you can get an imperfect one on etsy for $20 (instead of $75).

Baseball Cuffs / 09.24.08

bracelet / cuffs made of genuine leather baseballs! $25

algae pendant / 09.23.08

algae pendant designed by nervous systems

molly m designs / 09.23.08

Laser cut jewelry made of balsa wood and felt by molly m