Beyond Flash / 10.10.08

Addendum to a talk by Jonathan Harris (who created We Feel Fine, my very very favorite online project)

Falling Out of Bubble Territory / 10.10.08

NYT graph that shows p-e ratios dating back to 1881.

Financial Crisis – Pokemon / 10.9.08

Current financial crisis explained in terms of Pokemon. NOW I understand. I think.

Kyuu The Robot / 10.7.08

Kyuu the robot, a papertoy you can print, cut, and fold. There’s also a template so you can design your own!

Do One Thing / 10.7.08

I like this to do list.

Good Sheets / 10.6.08

Series of graphics that explain things like immigration, your carbon footprint, where $ spent on gas goes, etc

Robots and Monsters / 10.5.08

A place to get your own custom drawn monster or robot. Proceeds benefit EFF

Infamous Stringdusters / 10.3.08

What I’m listening to right now…

960 Grid System / 10.3.08

Useful. Provides commonly used dimensions for web design / prototyping

Jason Hackenwerth / 10.1.08

Jason Hackenwerth makes beautiful sculptures out of balloons.

Monkeys on Ice / 09.30.08

Video of ice skating monkeys. These guys deserve a medal!

Garland Light / 09.27.08

Garland light by Tord Boontje

Cordarounds / 09.27.08

Pants that have a reflective lining you can see when rolled up. Only for guys. Boo. I’m gonna make my own.

cherry blossoms / 09.26.08

a beautiful tattoo

Easter Eggs / 09.26.08

Franc Grom creates intricate designs on delicate egg shells with an electric boring tool.

spirit candles / 09.26.08

candles that reveal tiny bronze figures hidden in the wax as they burn.

Flower Girls / 09.26.08

adorable collection of flower girls. makes me wish i had a garden. also makes me want to raid my neighbor’s garden

357 Magnum Hair Dryer / 09.25.08

a pistol shaped hair dryer. who comes up with stuff like this?

cycloc / 09.25.08

ingenius wall mounted bike hanger / storage thingy. i need one! actually i need a couple (okay, more than a couple)

I scream / 09.25.08

Edward Munch rendered in ice cream! Found on flickr.

Balloon Animal Anatomy / 09.25.08

internal organs and skeletal system of a typical balloon animal, by Jason Freeny

container ship graveyard / 09.24.08

stunning photographs of where container ships go to die.

Radiolaria Necklace / 09.24.08

necklace designed by nervous system. you can get an imperfect one on etsy for $20 (instead of $75).

cell phone booth / 09.24.08

talk in a semi-private environment without annoying everyone around you :)