bento boxes / 09.23.08

ridiculously cute bento boxes

it not been ALL day / 09.23.08

i know how this kitty kat feels. sigh

Headrests / 09.23.08

Ads for NH hotels on the back of airline headrests. Clever.

Laserdeck / 09.23.08

laser-etched skateboard decks

Matthieu Ricard on Happiness / 09.23.08

Biochemist turned buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard gave this talk at TED. Insightful.

Gallery of Favicons / 09.23.08

Amazing what people can do in 16×16 pixels

apricot tea / 09.23.08

Apricot tea from adagio – this is my very favorite tea!

Readymech / 09.23.08

paper toys to print on 8.5×11 sheets, cut, fold, and build. cute! and free!

Colorjack / 09.23.08

Color palette tool

strange maps / 09.23.08

a blog about strange maps

mixwit / 09.23.08

web app for creating and sharing digital mixtapes

blik / 09.23.08

vinyl wall graphics

molly m designs / 09.23.08

Laser cut jewelry made of balsa wood and felt by molly m

Periodic Table Printmaking / 09.23.08

118 prints by different printmakers representing each element in the periodic table

many eyes / 09.23.08

info viz resource

Kara’s Cupcakes / 09.23.08

need to try the cupcakes here

danish sleeper sofa / 09.23.08

elegant sleeper sofa from 1968

24hr Fitness Fail / 09.23.08

24hr Fitness Fail

David Hasselhoff Paper Doll / 09.12.08

make your own david hasselhoff paper doll

Leaf Chapel / 09.1.08

On the grounds of the Risonare hotel in Kobuchizawa. Designed by Klein Dytham.