Rails For Zombies / 01.27.11

I would have majored in CS if this were around when I was in school.

3 Eyed Bear / 01.17.11

Website dedicated to paper toys with lots of downloadable PDFs!

Alphabeasties / 01.14.11

Cute book of typographic animals. More pics of the book over here.

Nothing Is Forgotten / 01.13.11

A sweet wordless short story.

Bicycle Typogram / 01.13.11

There’s also a free PDF here so you can print a large copy for yourself!

Born to Run / 01.11.11

Most inspiring book I’ve read in a while.

Silencing / 01.11.11

Really fascinating phenomenon. A series of videos that show how hard it is to notice when a moving object is changing.

Noun Project / 01.11.11

Collection of graphic symbols that form the world’s visual language.

Nate Wragg’s Tribute to Ed Emberly / 01.7.11

How to draw a grizzly monster a la Ed Emberly

Floralcy / 01.7.11

Lots of lovely floral patterns here

Peekaboo Forest / 01.7.11

iphone / ipad game for kids featuring illustrations by Charley Harper

Charley Harper / 01.5.11

Just bought this book yesterday. beautiful and inspiring!

epitaph / 12.27.10

the angst, it does not go away

Make A Snowflake / 12.27.10

paper snowflake maker that creates a PDF for you to make a 3d snowflake based on your name (by Karsten Schmidt for TBWA).

Richard Sweeney / 12.27.10

Richard Sweeney makes beautiful paper sculptures.

Bacon cups! / 12.22.10


Musimals / 12.22.10

whimsical illustrations of musical animals by Christopher Lee

Globe Chandelier / 12.22.10

a chandelier made of 15 globes by Benoit Vieubled

Zeitoun / 12.21.10

A gripping story about the experiences of a Muslim American family after Hurricane Katrina. Made me very sad and angry…but also inspired me.

A tree without a tree! / 12.21.10

No need to kill a tree for xmas.

Aurora Robson / 12.17.10

look what you can make with plastic bottles

Grow Little Terrariums / 12.17.10

miniature indoor gardens!

Batucada Jewelry / 12.17.10

bracelets and necklaces made of silicone rubber.

Styrofoam Sculpture / 12.17.10

Sculptural pieces made of recycled styrofoam packaging by Jason Rogenes