Bounce / 12.16.10

Useful webapp for sharing and annotating screenshots

Neurotheology / 12.16.10

Interesting study on what happens to your brain while meditating or praying.

bluefire reader / 12.16.10

lets you read ebooks from your public library on your iPad.

My 120 lb journey / 10.21.10

This video made me weepy.

D’Espresso / 10.21.10

Coffee shop in NY that looks like a library flipped on its side

Bike Shelf / 09.27.10

Chinese Foodie Flashcards / 09.18.10

My first iPhone app is in the app store. Learn to read “food” in Chinese!

The Sheep Market / 09.10.10

10,000 sheep drawn by Amazon’s Mechanical Turks for 2 cents each (lots of cute ones)

BAM / 09.10.10

Whenever you need to send a big-ass-message…(this is brilliant)

wookies / 09.10.10

Cute illustrations by James Hance (Star wars characters drawn in the style of winnie the pooh)

Reusable Sandwich Bags / 09.10.10

Forgo wasteful ziplocs! A neat idea.

DIY woven lamps / 09.10.10

How to make woven lamps out of strips of wood veneer. (not that I have time to do this kind of stuff…)

The Wilderness Downtown / 08.31.10

Kind of creepy but also totally awesome. Requires Chrome or Safari

All My Friends Are Dead / 08.4.10

I love this book. You can read part of it on their site.

Milton Glaser: 10 Things / 08.2.10

10 Things I Have Learned. wise and inspiring.

Click For Art / 08.2.10

Limited edition prints and housewares.

Pure CSS Fail Whale / 08.2.10

Created and animated using only CSS, no images! Animation works in a webkit browser (like Safari or Chrome).

Fruit Tree / 07.30.10

A neat platter for serving fruit, marshmallows, gummy bears, what have you…

Fontstaches / 07.30.10


Martin Sati / 07.30.10


Glow in the dark clothes / 07.30.10

by Stella McCartney for Adidas. I like this idea for running and cycling at night! (not so much the leopard print).

Bookshelf Porn / 07.30.10

Lots and lots of bookshelves

Kranked Revolved / 07.30.10

clips from kranked revolved. awesome bc shredding

Time Spent Alone / 07.29.10

“Thoughts and explorations conceived in isolation.” a project by David Wicks.