SmartHistory / 07.29.10

an open, not-for-profit, digital art history textbook

Intl Quilt Study Center / 07.29.10


Lamp & Plant Container / 07.29.10

A lamp that allows photosynthesis to happen in your living room at night.

The Anthology Project / 07.29.10

a collection of comix

Fathom / 07.29.10

New company and projects by Ben Fry, Teri Schindler, Chris Brown, and Lynn Kiang

TDF Standings / 07.29.10

visualized by Jerome Daksiewicz

Tea Tubbin / 04.30.10

I don’t think I’d want members of the royal family lounging in my teacup but at least they’re wearing clothes.

Paper Foldables / 04.11.10

Papercraft toys by Bryan. Print. Cut. Fold. Tape

Too Many Zombies / 04.11.10

A zombie a day for one year. All drawn on an iPod Touch

Worst Job / 04.10.10

Yep, that would be the worst job. (by Marc Johns)

165 Bots With Stuff / 04.10.10

Zoo Lunchies / 04.8.10

insulated lunch bags

stair critters / 04.5.10

at a cafe / art space in fukuoka, japan

The Daily Dish / 04.5.10

catalog of 365 petri dishes painted by Klari Reis

clever billboard / 04.5.10

a clever billboard that only works in the daytime

Sketchpad / 03.25.10

This is the best online sketching app I’ve seen

Simon Page / 03.2.10

geometrically inspired prints by Simon Page

Love Cuff / 02.26.10

made to order, on Etsy for $75.

Babies With Laser Eyes / 02.19.10

This is why the internet is awesome

Zooborns / 02.17.10

Zoos generally make me unhappy but this blog about zoo-born animals is ridiculously cute. can’t resist.

Book Book / 02.17.10

Laptop case that makes your macbook look like a real book.

La Tartine Gourmande / 02.17.10

a gorgeous food blog. so hungry now. how is this lady not huge?

Come Rain Come Shine / 02.17.10

chandelier by Tord Boontje.

NWF Photos / 02.17.10

photos from the National Wildlife Federation 2009 contest.