Denne’s Aliens / 02.2.10

adorable hand drawn font by Denise Bentulan. you can download it for free!

The Ride / 01.29.10

Beautifully designed journal dedicated to all-things-bike. Inspiring stories, illustrations and photography.

Tea Sub / 01.26.10

The Beatles would approve! Would make a nice gift for a tea drinking friend.

Missed Connections / 01.5.10

Lovely illustrations of missed connections on craigslist…

TeuxDeux / 12.19.09

A simple and elegant to-do list app. I’ve wanted something clean and simple for a long time – this fits the bill.

Subterranean Home / 12.19.09

home carved into a hillside in the Swiss town of Vals. by SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects.

Apelad’s Twitter Avatars / 11.23.09

If you get tired of that ubiquitous blue bird…

Learn Something New / 11.11.09

lots of fascinating and equally useful facts on this site – Learn Something New Everyday

Tetris Dress / 11.11.09

Not sure I could wear this without my fingers getting twitchy

Beard Mask / 11.11.09

awesome. PDF of a mask you can print and cut out (also, photos of other fun student designed masks)

odosketch / 10.21.09

Neat online sketching tool

Daily Drop Cap / 10.21.09

a new drop cap every day by illustrator Jessica Hische

Perros y Perritos / 10.21.09

Type a phrase and see it spelled out by these cute pups!

Librophilia / 09.22.09

Photos of some of the world’s most beautiful libraries.

Ride Oregon / 09.5.09

awesome cycling resource for riding in oregon – maps, trails, reviews, etc

from _why / 09.3.09
Strava / 09.3.09

Strava does an incredible job of motivating me to get on my bike & ride faster than the last time. “faster” doesn’t always happen but whatever, my inner data geek loves it!

Funky Lunch Sandwiches / 08.17.09

Too cute to eat

impossible love / 08.3.09

poor little balloon…she won’t know what hit her. maybe this shirt should say “it’s best to avoid the pricks in life.”

Can Do / 08.1.09

Maira Kalman’s lovely illustrated tribute to Benjamin Franklin. He’s my hero!

If Chewbacca lived in SF / 07.31.09

I’m sure I’d see him riding around the mission like this

Pure happiness / 07.31.09

dang, i wish i was invited to this party

Don and Donita / 07.29.09

one of my favorite kasperhauser sketches

Deadline / 07.29.09

Mesmerizing stop motion video done with Post-It notes