Upper Antelope Canyon / 07.22.09

A lovely photo set of Upper Antelope Canyon. I want to go!

Paper Pot / 07.22.09

A toilet tissue case. Comes in multiple colors.

What to do with old tires / 07.22.09

Betsabee Romero carves old tires to make rolling rubber stamps.

Butterfly / 07.21.09

Look what can be done with some paper, an xacto knife and glue. By Hellen Musselwhite’s steady hands.

Ignore Everybody / 07.17.09

a plethora of aphorisms, one for every bad day of the month. cheaper than therapy

GigPosters / 07.6.09

Archive of modern music posters

My Milk Toof / 06.17.09

a photo-comic about the grand misadventures of two milk teef. cute!

Little People / 06.17.09

a tiny street art project

Up / 06.10.09

UP made me weepy within the first 15 minutes. It was so good. I want to see it again.

Everyday Reminders / 06.9.09

Helpful photographs by Erin Hanson

Ring Poem / 06.1.09

Make your own custom stainless steel / bronze ring poem. $59

The Only Sure Thing / 06.1.09

someone i know passed away last week which made me think of this. everything is clearer in the context of death.

Watch Your Weight While You Wait / 05.19.09

A bus stop shelter that tells you how much you weigh when you sit on the bench. brilliant!

We Are Hunted / 04.26.09

99 most popular songs online. Aggregates info from social networks, forums, music blogs, Torrents, P2P Networks and Twitter

Danny MacAskill / 04.21.09

whee! bike pr0n!

Susan Boyle / 04.15.09

Watched this video at least 10 times today. so awesome.

Pretty Pepsi Cans / 04.8.09

Not a fan of soda but these pretty cans would tempt me to drink one.

MAYUHANA Lamp / 03.24.09

By Toyo Ito, made with a fiberglass resin yarn.

Tress Lamp / 03.19.09

woven lamps designed by Marc Sadler

Periodic Table of Typefaces / 03.11.09

100 popular typefaces

Napkins For Scribbling On / 03.11.09

Part of the School of Visual Arts “Think” Campaign.


GULNUR OZDAGLAR makes beautiful jewelry and other things out of used PET bottles. You can get some of them on etsy.

Juan Enriquez @ TED 2009 / 03.4.09

funny, fascinating, and scary. worth watching.

Brandon Riza / 02.26.09

Gorgeous panoramic photos that inspire wanderlust. Makes me happy just to look at them :)