ReadyMech Pinhole Cameras / 12.22.08

Cute pinhole cameras you can make out of paper, by the makers of the Readymech toys

Bubble Prints / 12.19.08

Bubble prints formed by ink + soapy water left to dry on paper

Bright Bike / 12.19.08

Reflective vinyl coated bike that becomes ultra bright in headlights. A video and instructable on how to DIY

Lemi the Yeti / 12.16.08

Lemi the Space Wanderer x Yeti – a paper toy to cut and paste. makes a cute xmas ornament!

Pixlr / 12.15.08

A nice online image editor – like photoshop in a web browser

Plastic Garden / 12.15.08

an installation of 12,000 plastic spoons, knives and forks by Lea Turto

Eric Natzke / 12.15.08

Eric Natzke makes beautiful digital pieces w/ flash and code.

Water Lily Lamp / 12.11.08

Lamp by Erika Lövqvist

Yuichi Higashionna Sculpture / 12.11.08

Yuichi Higashionna’s flourescent light sculpture

Front Page Poster / 12.11.08

Poster of the covers of major newspapers from around the world chronicling Obama’s win. 24″x36″ $20

Pilarcitos CX 5 / 12.11.08

Bacon, beer, & bikes! my video of the last pilarcitos cyclocross race for 2008.

Walking Bike / 12.4.08

This thing is supposedly rideable

Gluttony Lamp / 12.4.08

Gluttony Lamp – made of plastic spoons, forks, and knives.

Santa’s Inbox / 12.3.08

Santa’s inbox. The easter bunny is married!

Cute Bento Boxes / 12.3.08

This woman makes the CUTEST bento boxes. CUTE CUTE CUTE

The End / 11.27.08

The End of Wall Street’s Boom – article by Michael Lewis, author of Liar’s Poker.

Processing Monsters / 11.27.08

Monsters made with Processing!

Bike Sticker / 11.25.08

this only applies if you’re a mtn biker

Field of Light / 11.21.08

a beautiful installation by lighting designer Bruce Munro

Yoda Backpack / 11.20.08

a Yoda backpack! (dunno why I think this is so awesome. i’m sure some poor kid is being forced by his dad to wear it)

Cat Riding A Roomba / 11.18.08

video of a cat riding a roomba.

Soda Popinski / 11.18.08

“The Sea Floor Sea Urchin Dance Troupe dance to Javelin’s “Soda Popinski.” Directed & animated by Ian McAlpin.”

Spiral Lamp / 11.12.08

Pretty lamp made out of a single sheet of slit material. designed by Chris Kirby

Design Your Own Lamp / 11.11.08

Lamp that lets you slip artwork / photos between a double shade.