so many a second / 11.11.08

visualizations that depict data in terms of how many per second. i.e. 3.5 bikes produced per second, 787 porn search requests per second etc

Mid Century Illustrations / 11.11.08

nice flickr set of mid-century illustrations

Oakley Surfline App / 11.11.08

free iPhone app gives updated surf reports.

Monkey Guard Dog / 11.10.08

This monkey has his own guard dog to protect him from bully alpha monkeys at a zoo in China.

Yuken Teruya / 11.10.08

Yuken Teruya makes pretty things out of everyday objects (toilet paper rolls, shopping bags, newspapers, etc)

Election Night / 11.8.08

Photo set of Obama and his family on election night.

Obama Sticker by Shepard Fairy / 11.7.08

Free sticker by Shepard Fairy at

Kamik Daisy Rain Boots / 11.7.08

Just got these rain boots. Comfy! $28.75.

700 Covers for Obama / 11.7.08

700 newspapers and magazines from around the world covering the election

Meow Cam / 11.6.08

BRILLIANT iphone app. makes your phone meow so pups and kitties will look your way while you snap pics

Crank Bros Speed Levers / 11.3.08

My favorite bike tool! a telescoping tire lever that makes fixing flats SO MUCH easier.

MTV Music / 10.29.08

Every MTV music video ever, now online and embeddable.

gingerbread skeletons / 10.28.08

Gingerbread skeletons!

Sumopaint / 10.28.08

Image editing tool created w/ Flash. Like photoshop in your browser.

A Sweetpea Bike / 10.27.08

Look at the welds on this booootiful bike! Comes with 26″ wheels. If I make it in the top 10 by the end of cross season, this’ll be my reward :)

Designers for Obama / 10.24.08

50 Obama poster designs

Hang On Night Light / 10.22.08

Looks like he needs a hand.

Refill Seven / 10.22.08

Beautiful laser etched skateboard designs

Build-O-Bama / 10.22.08

Build-O-Bama. Print, cut, and fold your own.

Victory Fail / 10.16.08

The Victory Fail. This could be a lesson for life in general

Eugene & Louise Bakery / 10.16.08

Can you believe this thing is edible?

Bacon Decision Diagram / 10.15.08

Someone thought an awful lot about bacon.

Cats Flushing Toilets / 10.14.08

Cats flushing toilets. So smart those kitty kats

Yes We Carve / 10.14.08

Pumpkins for Obama! A site with photos and stencils for making your own!