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Bicycle Typogram / 01.13.11

There’s also a free PDF here so you can print a large copy for yourself!

Bike Shelf / 09.27.10

Kranked Revolved / 07.30.10

clips from kranked revolved. awesome bc shredding

The Ride / 01.29.10

Beautifully designed journal dedicated to all-things-bike. Inspiring stories, illustrations and photography.

Ride Oregon / 09.5.09

awesome cycling resource for riding in oregon – maps, trails, reviews, etc

Strava / 09.3.09

Strava does an incredible job of motivating me to get on my bike & ride faster than the last time. “faster” doesn’t always happen but whatever, my inner data geek loves it!

If Chewbacca lived in SF / 07.31.09

I’m sure I’d see him riding around the mission like this

Danny MacAskill / 04.21.09

whee! bike pr0n!

Kokopelli Trail / 01.7.09

4 day mtb ride from Fruita to Moab. Just signed up!

Dry Bike / 12.29.08

an umbrella attachment for your bike.

Bright Bike / 12.19.08

Reflective vinyl coated bike that becomes ultra bright in headlights. A video and instructable on how to DIY

Pilarcitos CX 5 / 12.11.08

Bacon, beer, & bikes! my video of the last pilarcitos cyclocross race for 2008.

Walking Bike / 12.4.08

This thing is supposedly rideable

Bike Sticker / 11.25.08

this only applies if you’re a mtn biker

Crank Bros Speed Levers / 11.3.08

My favorite bike tool! a telescoping tire lever that makes fixing flats SO MUCH easier.

A Sweetpea Bike / 10.27.08

Look at the welds on this booootiful bike! Comes with 26″ wheels. If I make it in the top 10 by the end of cross season, this’ll be my reward :)

Victory Fail / 10.16.08

The Victory Fail. This could be a lesson for life in general

Cordarounds / 09.27.08

Pants that have a reflective lining you can see when rolled up. Only for guys. Boo. I’m gonna make my own.

cycloc / 09.25.08

ingenius wall mounted bike hanger / storage thingy. i need one! actually i need a couple (okay, more than a couple)