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Financial Padding / 04.5.11

A better alternative to packing peanuts.

Crossword Wrapping Paper / 03.14.11

Can be used for multiple occasions – just circle the holiday for your gift. Clever!

Flowers / 02.2.11

These flowers don’t need to be watered

Alphabeasties / 01.14.11

Cute book of typographic animals. More pics of the book over here.

Fruit Tree / 07.30.10

A neat platter for serving fruit, marshmallows, gummy bears, what have you…

Lamp & Plant Container / 07.29.10

A lamp that allows photosynthesis to happen in your living room at night.

clever billboard / 04.5.10

a clever billboard that only works in the daytime

Book Book / 02.17.10

Laptop case that makes your macbook look like a real book.

impossible love / 08.3.09

poor little balloon…she won’t know what hit her. maybe this shirt should say “it’s best to avoid the pricks in life.”

Napkins For Scribbling On / 03.11.09

Part of the School of Visual Arts “Think” Campaign.

Pepsi Bellyache / 02.23.09

Clever take on the Pepsi logo by Lawrence Yang.

Mates of State / 01.14.09

Nice gig poster for Mates of State.

Billboards / 01.11.09

Some clever billboards. this one’s my favorite.

Hand Santas / 12.27.08

hand santas!

Meow Cam / 11.6.08

BRILLIANT iphone app. makes your phone meow so pups and kitties will look your way while you snap pics

I scream / 09.25.08

Edward Munch rendered in ice cream! Found on flickr.

VW Scooter / 09.24.08

So awesome. I wish I knew who made this.

Headrests / 09.23.08

Ads for NH hotels on the back of airline headrests. Clever.