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Lamp & Plant Container / 07.29.10

A lamp that allows photosynthesis to happen in your living room at night.

Tea Tubbin / 04.30.10

I don’t think I’d want members of the royal family lounging in my teacup but at least they’re wearing clothes.

Paper Foldables / 04.11.10

Papercraft toys by Bryan. Print. Cut. Fold. Tape

Love Cuff / 02.26.10

made to order, on Etsy for $75.

Beard Mask / 11.11.09

awesome. PDF of a mask you can print and cut out (also, photos of other fun student designed masks)

What to do with old tires / 07.22.09

Betsabee Romero carves old tires to make rolling rubber stamps.

Butterfly / 07.21.09

Look what can be done with some paper, an xacto knife and glue. By Hellen Musselwhite’s steady hands.


GULNUR OZDAGLAR makes beautiful jewelry and other things out of used PET bottles. You can get some of them on etsy.

All About Papercutting / 02.25.09

A blog dedicated to the art of papercutting

Twig Serving Platter / 12.30.08

How to make a serving platter out of two dishes and a twig

ReadyMech Pinhole Cameras / 12.22.08

Cute pinhole cameras you can make out of paper, by the makers of the Readymech toys

Bubble Prints / 12.19.08

Bubble prints formed by ink + soapy water left to dry on paper

Lemi the Yeti / 12.16.08

Lemi the Space Wanderer x Yeti – a paper toy to cut and paste. makes a cute xmas ornament!

Plastic Garden / 12.15.08

an installation of 12,000 plastic spoons, knives and forks by Lea Turto

Spiral Lamp / 11.12.08

Pretty lamp made out of a single sheet of slit material. designed by Chris Kirby

Design Your Own Lamp / 11.11.08

Lamp that lets you slip artwork / photos between a double shade.

Yuken Teruya / 11.10.08

Yuken Teruya makes pretty things out of everyday objects (toilet paper rolls, shopping bags, newspapers, etc)

gingerbread skeletons / 10.28.08

Gingerbread skeletons!

Build-O-Bama / 10.22.08

Build-O-Bama. Print, cut, and fold your own.

Eugene & Louise Bakery / 10.16.08

Can you believe this thing is edible?

Yes We Carve / 10.14.08

Pumpkins for Obama! A site with photos and stencils for making your own!

Kyuu The Robot / 10.7.08

Kyuu the robot, a papertoy you can print, cut, and fold. There’s also a template so you can design your own!

Jason Hackenwerth / 10.1.08

Jason Hackenwerth makes beautiful sculptures out of balloons.

Easter Eggs / 09.26.08

Franc Grom creates intricate designs on delicate egg shells with an electric boring tool.