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Bubble Chandelier / 04.14.11

chandelier made of 2 litre soda bottles

Butterfly Ball / 02.16.11

Chandelier made of 176 porcelain butterflies swarming around a light

Doily Lamp / 02.16.11

Lamp made of vintage doilies by Shannon South.

Globe Chandelier / 12.22.10

a chandelier made of 15 globes by Benoit Vieubled

Grow Little Terrariums / 12.17.10

miniature indoor gardens!

Styrofoam Sculpture / 12.17.10

Sculptural pieces made of recycled styrofoam packaging by Jason Rogenes

Bike Shelf / 09.27.10

DIY woven lamps / 09.10.10

How to make woven lamps out of strips of wood veneer. (not that I have time to do this kind of stuff…)

Click For Art / 08.2.10

Limited edition prints and housewares.

Fruit Tree / 07.30.10

A neat platter for serving fruit, marshmallows, gummy bears, what have you…

Bookshelf Porn / 07.30.10

Lots and lots of bookshelves

Intl Quilt Study Center / 07.29.10


Lamp & Plant Container / 07.29.10

A lamp that allows photosynthesis to happen in your living room at night.

Come Rain Come Shine / 02.17.10

chandelier by Tord Boontje.

Subterranean Home / 12.19.09

home carved into a hillside in the Swiss town of Vals. by SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects.

Paper Pot / 07.22.09

A toilet tissue case. Comes in multiple colors.

MAYUHANA Lamp / 03.24.09

By Toyo Ito, made with a fiberglass resin yarn.

Tress Lamp / 03.19.09

woven lamps designed by Marc Sadler

Ambush / 02.25.09

Wallpaper / mural by Eno Henze

IScreen / 02.23.09

Modular laser cut plywood and masonite screen by Li-Rong Liao

Curly Lamps / 02.9.09

lamps by Dima Loginoff.

Twig Serving Platter / 12.30.08

How to make a serving platter out of two dishes and a twig

Double Duty Pool Table / 12.29.08

Sleek dining table that converts into a pool table.

Water Lily Lamp / 12.11.08

Lamp by Erika Lövqvist