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Little People / 06.17.09

a tiny street art project

Up / 06.10.09

UP made me weepy within the first 15 minutes. It was so good. I want to see it again.

The Only Sure Thing / 06.1.09

someone i know passed away last week which made me think of this. everything is clearer in the context of death.

Danny MacAskill / 04.21.09

whee! bike pr0n!

Susan Boyle / 04.15.09

Watched this video at least 10 times today. so awesome.

Brandon Riza / 02.26.09

Gorgeous panoramic photos that inspire wanderlust. Makes me happy just to look at them :)

Voice Drawing App / 01.29.09

an app that lets you create drawings with your voice. low volume curves counterclockwise, medium volume is straight, high volume curves clockwise

Twistori / 01.21.09

What people love, hate, think, believe, feel, and wish for on twitter. Inspired by We Feel Fine

the inauguration / 01.21.09

Newspapers from around the world covering the inauguration.

Betty Soskin / 01.19.09

I love this woman’s story. Betty Soskin is an 87 year old park ranger who is going to the inauguration tomorrow.

An Illustrated Life / 01.7.09

Beautiful and inspirational book edited by Danny Gregory

Things I Have Learned… / 12.30.08

My favorite book this year – Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far, by Stephen Sagmeister

Beyond Flash / 10.10.08

Addendum to a talk by Jonathan Harris (who created We Feel Fine, my very very favorite online project)

Do One Thing / 10.7.08

I like this to do list.

Jason Hackenwerth / 10.1.08

Jason Hackenwerth makes beautiful sculptures out of balloons.

Garland Light / 09.27.08

Garland light by Tord Boontje

Tide Chandelier / 09.24.08

chandelier made of plastic debris washed up on the Kent coastline. by stuart haygarth

sha-do light / 09.24.08

sha do lamp

Lamps that cast lovely shadows across your wall or ceiling.

Heath Nash Lampshade / 09.24.08

Heath Nash makes lampshades from scrap plastic bottles.