Posts tagged: neat

Pure CSS Fail Whale / 08.2.10

Created and animated using only CSS, no images! Animation works in a webkit browser (like Safari or Chrome).

Learn Something New / 11.11.09

lots of fascinating and equally useful facts on this site – Learn Something New Everyday

Watch Your Weight While You Wait / 05.19.09

A bus stop shelter that tells you how much you weigh when you sit on the bench. brilliant!

Voice Drawing App / 01.29.09

an app that lets you create drawings with your voice. low volume curves counterclockwise, medium volume is straight, high volume curves clockwise

ReadyMech Pinhole Cameras / 12.22.08

Cute pinhole cameras you can make out of paper, by the makers of the Readymech toys

Bubble Prints / 12.19.08

Bubble prints formed by ink + soapy water left to dry on paper

Yearbook Yourself / 09.24.08

Find out what you’d look like with a beehive, mullet or any number of horrendous hairstyles from the 60s-90s