Posts tagged: papercraft

Custom Gift Bows / 11.10.11

How to make gift bows out of maps, old magazines, random scraps of paper etc….

Grain Creative Tea / 07.20.11

cute and clever tea packaging!

White Papers Press / 05.31.11

Amazing papercraft by Sara Burgess

Trail / 03.2.11

Gorgeous popup book by David Pelham.

One Red Dot / 03.2.11

While the future of reading may belong to ereaders, the future of books belongs to popups!

3 Eyed Bear / 01.17.11

Website dedicated to paper toys with lots of downloadable PDFs!

Make A Snowflake / 12.27.10

paper snowflake maker that creates a PDF for you to make a 3d snowflake based on your name (by Karsten Schmidt for TBWA).

Richard Sweeney / 12.27.10

Richard Sweeney makes beautiful paper sculptures.

Paper Foldables / 04.11.10

Papercraft toys by Bryan. Print. Cut. Fold. Tape

Butterfly / 07.21.09

Look what can be done with some paper, an xacto knife and glue. By Hellen Musselwhite’s steady hands.

All About Papercutting / 02.25.09

A blog dedicated to the art of papercutting

ReadyMech Pinhole Cameras / 12.22.08

Cute pinhole cameras you can make out of paper, by the makers of the Readymech toys

Lemi the Yeti / 12.16.08

Lemi the Space Wanderer x Yeti – a paper toy to cut and paste. makes a cute xmas ornament!

Yuken Teruya / 11.10.08

Yuken Teruya makes pretty things out of everyday objects (toilet paper rolls, shopping bags, newspapers, etc)

Build-O-Bama / 10.22.08

Build-O-Bama. Print, cut, and fold your own.

Kyuu The Robot / 10.7.08

Kyuu the robot, a papertoy you can print, cut, and fold. There’s also a template so you can design your own!

Paper Forest / 09.24.08

A blog about papercraft, toys, etc

Creatures From A Square / 09.23.08

Beautiful illustrated origami. Ekaterina Erschowa’s thesis project

origami chandeliers / 09.23.08

designed by Takayuki Senzaki, this origami chandelier casts shadows of birds on the wall

Gloo Peeps / 09.23.08

customizable paper boy and girl readymech-like dolls.

Readymech / 09.23.08

paper toys to print on 8.5×11 sheets, cut, fold, and build. cute! and free!

David Hasselhoff Paper Doll / 09.12.08

make your own david hasselhoff paper doll