Posts tagged: reuse

Bubble Chandelier / 04.14.11

chandelier made of 2 litre soda bottles

A tree without a tree! / 12.21.10

No need to kill a tree for xmas.

Aurora Robson / 12.17.10

look what you can make with plastic bottles

Styrofoam Sculpture / 12.17.10

Sculptural pieces made of recycled styrofoam packaging by Jason Rogenes

What to do with old tires / 07.22.09

Betsabee Romero carves old tires to make rolling rubber stamps.

Tide Chandelier / 09.24.08

chandelier made of plastic debris washed up on the Kent coastline. by stuart haygarth

Baseball Cuffs / 09.24.08

bracelet / cuffs made of genuine leather baseballs! $25

Heath Nash Lampshade / 09.24.08

Heath Nash makes lampshades from scrap plastic bottles.