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Silencing / 01.11.11

Really fascinating phenomenon. A series of videos that show how hard it is to notice when a moving object is changing.

My 120 lb journey / 10.21.10

This video made me weepy.

The Wilderness Downtown / 08.31.10

Kind of creepy but also totally awesome. Requires Chrome or Safari

Pure happiness / 07.31.09

dang, i wish i was invited to this party

Don and Donita / 07.29.09

one of my favorite kasperhauser sketches

Deadline / 07.29.09

Mesmerizing stop motion video done with Post-It notes

Susan Boyle / 04.15.09

Watched this video at least 10 times today. so awesome.

Juan Enriquez @ TED 2009 / 03.4.09

funny, fascinating, and scary. worth watching.

Cat Riding A Roomba / 11.18.08

video of a cat riding a roomba.

Soda Popinski / 11.18.08

“The Sea Floor Sea Urchin Dance Troupe dance to Javelin’s “Soda Popinski.” Directed & animated by Ian McAlpin.”

MTV Music / 10.29.08

Every MTV music video ever, now online and embeddable.

Monkeys on Ice / 09.30.08

Video of ice skating monkeys. These guys deserve a medal!