Posts tagged: visualization

Stats of the Union / 05.19.11

an iPad app that lets you explore data from the Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) report

Silencing / 01.11.11

Really fascinating phenomenon. A series of videos that show how hard it is to notice when a moving object is changing.

Fathom / 07.29.10

New company and projects by Ben Fry, Teri Schindler, Chris Brown, and Lynn Kiang

TDF Standings / 07.29.10

visualized by Jerome Daksiewicz

so many a second / 11.11.08

visualizations that depict data in terms of how many per second. i.e. 3.5 bikes produced per second, 787 porn search requests per second etc

Good Sheets / 10.6.08

Series of graphics that explain things like immigration, your carbon footprint, where $ spent on gas goes, etc

Life Clock / 09.24.08

Clock that shows how many years you have left if you only make it to 84. hoping to make it to 100.

scans of old maps / 09.24.08

lots of scanned old maps

strange maps / 09.23.08

a blog about strange maps

many eyes / 09.23.08

info viz resource